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About Us


Mamta Bajracharya

Mamta has a PhD in Botany and Diploma in International Montessori Early Years Teaching. She has also done the Montessori Baby and Toddler course from Kent and Sussex Montessori Centre.

Her true interest in teaching and empowering young children became clear when she took it upon herself to carry out her son’s Early Years education. She then founded her own nursery in Nepal with the goal of educating the children through fun and play by following each child’s interests and capabilities. 

She is an enthusiastic and industrious Early Years Montessori teacher and has been teaching them for more than 22 years. She has worked as a Montessori Directress and later as a Manager in a Montessori nursery at Sevenoaks, leading the team under pressure and promoting the Montessori ethos throughout the setting. 


She was formerly Assistant Lecturer of Botany (Master's level) at Tribhuvan University. She also joined the Science and Management College in Kathmandu, where she provided pastoral support to all members of staff and young students. She motivated students and staff by organizing trainings and extra-curricular activities. She also liaised with students’ parents to pursue each student’s academic goals. Her work won her the Young Scientist Award (2004) from Royal Nepalese Academy of Science as well as a Gold Award (2002) from the Nepalese Ministry of Education.

Her scientific background gives her a strong basis to develop science-based activities for young children to nurture their interest and understanding of the nature around them. 


Marlene Gray

Marlene has a Montessori Foundation Degree (Level 5) in early childhood studies. She has worked in the Early Years sector for over 30 years, training under a highly experienced Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Montessori teacher in East Grinstead in the early 90s. She also assisted with a Kodaly music class for 3 to 11-year-olds for 6 years (under the guidance of a trained music teacher) before running her own music group for a short time.
Marlene helped to build up a popular Montessori day nursery in Sevenoaks after her training period, which is still running successfully to this day. She was the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), and Head of Education, at the Montessori day nursery, and managed a class of twenty 2 to 5-year-olds. She was also responsible for daily staff deployment, and ensuring the Montessori method was used faithfully. Marlene developed the nursery’s art room, and was also in charge of the music programme. She ran the annual nativity play for 26 years using songs and sketches from Kodaly, and her own experiences in the Girl Guides as a child, which always made the Nativity plays unique!
Marlene has trained many students from the Kent and Sussex Montessori College, and also from the Montessori College in London over the years, and is always delighted when they start up their own Montessori schools. Marlene thinks that working with nursery children is "a magical experience, you are always seeing the world through fresh eyes! Working with young children is always fun, you never know what the day will bring, and you never stop learning, no matter how many years you have worked with this age group!”
She has also worked in retail and the corporate world before teaching nursery children. She enjoys Yoga, dance, reading and writing stories in her spare time.


Sushil Bajracharya

Sushil holds a PhD in Botany, a Diploma in Biotechnology and an FAQ Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Education and Childcare. After completing his PhD, Sushil worked as a project co-ordinator on various academic projects relating to alternative biofuels. Based on his research, he published and presented his research papers and gave lectures in a considerable number of colleges as a Guest Lecturer.

Having realised his passion for educating students, he founded his own Diploma-level Science and Management College in Nepal. He ran it successfully for seven years, introducing several schemes to allow each young student to flourish in their chosen field. In conjunction with the college, he also opened a nursery in Nepal. This gave him a strong understanding of Early Years children and their overall development.

He joined a Montessori nursery in Sevenoaks and there he honed his skills in presenting outdoor activities that would apply to the seven areas of Early Years learning and development. Keeping up to date with ongoing events (ranging from the Football World Cup to COVID-19) and the interest of each child, he developed outdoor activities that could be done in a group or individually.

Sushil is cognizant of the Montessori ethos. He enjoys introducing the surrounding environment to children, encouraging them to observe, paint, count, add, or experiment with objects around them for their sound, touch and visual effect, with the aim of honing the children’s sensory skills. 

His previous background in science and education has aided him in introducing Early Years children to the world of maths, numbers and science.  He takes great satisfaction in assisting the young ones in their all-round development and promoting the next developmental step for each child according to their interests and capabilities. 

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