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Both my girls were cared for by Marlene and Mamta. Marlene and Mamta are not only very knowledgeable but also loved children with all their hearts. My elder one was only with the nursery for about one year before she went to primary school. But she benefited from it a lot. She not only got rid of her thumb sucking problem but also became more confident and happier. She loved and became eager to go to nursery. So we sent our younger girl to Marlene and Mamta just after 1 year old and she stayed with them for another 3 years. Mamta took care of children using various activities to develop their hand and brain coordination, e.g. sewing, dressing themselves etc. Marlene provided a lot of opportunities and training for singing, dancing and drama performances. All of these activities had a long time positive impact on my girls. We do appreciate them a lot and would recommend them to our friends.

A and Y (Parents)

My daughter has attended the local nursery from around the age of 3 years old. When she started she was withdrawn and very shy, however the warm and loving approach from Mamta and Marlene transformed her into a more confident and outgoing child. Both were supportive of my daughter’s needs and being Montessori nursery greatly encouraged independence. When my daughter left the nursery, her learning ability and confidence had improved and I can only say that it was because of the amazing care of Marlene and Mamta.

A (Parent)

Marlene is gifted. She is able to have a pack of nursery kids under her spell. It always amazed me to see all those kids in the nursery looking at her, following her guidance and simply adoring her, either in an ordinary play time in the backyard of the nursery or in the incredible Christmas plays she coordinated. She has it. Child whisperer. But also she is remarkably knowledgeable about the Montessori philosophy and applies the techniques with grace and kindness. Both my boys had the luck to have her as their teacher/carer at nursery. She taught them so many things in the most sensible, meaningful, loving way. They loved nursery so much that when they left to start in reception, they wanted to be back whenever possible (shame my younger couldn't due to the madness of covid - but oh boy didn't he ask for it!). Marlene helped my boys in so many ways. She truly understands the needs of each child under her care. She makes beautiful bonds with them and so gracefully helps them to learn, to socialise, to care and to grow. It is very emotional for me to write these words as she means so very much to our family. Marlene is forever in our hearts. Any child will be so lucky to have her as a carer/teacher.  

Mamta is an amazing nursery teacher so fully committed to the children under her care. It is so easy to notice how she embraces her job not only as a job but as a life project. To help children to learn, grow and flourish is her life project and commitment. She will listen to you and to your child and will always try and find what best suits each child. Both my boys had the luck to have her as their teacher/carer in nursery. Mamta is very proactive and loving. Also very knowledgeable about the Montessori philosophy and applies it in her work with the children in a very effective way. My boys started at reception with such a strong base on motor skills, phonics, numeracy and many other more subtle skills. This was a great advantage as they could actually enjoy the time in reception to adjust to the school, to the new friendships and routines. The academic learning was the easiest thanks to the work done in the nursery with incredible professionals like Mamta.

C (Parent)

Marlene and Mamta are amazing childcare staff with so much heart and caring mind sets. My son had a wonderful start to his early years education with them. They both make such an effort to engage the kids and develop them in a very individualised way. Both Marlene and Mamta are really committed to providing a safe, fun, and loving environment and I am very thankful to have had them caring for my son in his early formative years.  I knew that my son was being cared for in a very nurturing way.  I would highly recommend Marlene and Mamta  to anyone that is looking for quality child care.

C T (Parent)

We have known Marlene and Mamta since 2016 when our daughter P. started at their nursery in Sevenoaks, aged 16 months. They not only provided a genuinely warm and caring setting for all the children, but stimulated, challenged and guided them as they grew, with educational, developmental and creative activities that have nurtured a sense of curiosity and confidence which stood P. in great stead for primary school. I am so grateful to them and honestly could not have wished for a better environment for our baby daughter to grow up and blossom in.

D C (Parent)

My son A. attended the nursery where Mamta and Marlene worked. It would not be an exaggeration to say that both were his favourite carers. They were kind, gentle, supportive and incredibly attentive to A. Their amazing insights have helped us identify and address together some individual needs, which ultimately helped my son develop and blossom, in the nursery and in the school into which he happily transitioned. I could never say enough thanks for either or Mamta and Marlene.

D (Parent)

My children both flourished under the care of Mamta and Marlene.  They really took the time and effort to understand what my boys were about, what would interest them, and what types of things could build their confidence and spark their interest.  I would 100% recommend any type of childcare facility run by these two amazing women, it was such an amazing start to my children's educational lives.

G S (Parent)

My three children went to a Montessori nursery where Marlene and Mamta worked for several years in leading positions. My three boys really enjoyed their time at nursery. They had strong connections with Marlene and Mamta. My oldest son did not speak English at all when he started at nursery. Thanks to the patience and dedication of Marlene, he started primary school with confidence.  My middle son needed a lot of cocooning, and Marlene and Mamta surrounded him with a reassuring environment. He then went to a big primary school very happily from day one. My youngest one was full of energy, full of ideas. Marlene and Mamta allowed his imagination to thrive. Aswith his two older brothers, he was fully ready to start primary school. My three sons totally different personalities asserted themselves fully. They acquired good skills for life. Although bringing up children can be a challenging process, they are now at secondary school and at University and doing very well for themselves. What happens in early age will shape people's lives. I "popped in" by accident to the nursery where Marlene and Mamta were working and I am so happy about that chance of life when I see how my three boys are now.

I (Parent)

My daughter attended the same nursery setting with Marlene and Mamta throughout her early years, from around 9 months until primary school, and I cannot praise them highly enough for the care, teaching and life skills that they provided during this time.

They provided care with such warmth and kindness that it felt like they were my daughter’s second family, and she was always very happy to be at the nursery with them.

They have a child centred approach and value each child’s individual character, as well as encouraging a real sense of independence within all the children. The range of developmental activities available was brilliant for learning all aspects of motor skills, as well as language and social behaviour skills. They also encouraged outdoor activities and nature walks, as well as art and music - and put on the most magical performances with all the children each year! Overall, I couldn’t have been happier that my daughter was with them for her early years' childcare, and we both have such wonderful memories! My daughter has now started secondary school, but we remain in touch with them, and in my daughter’s words ‘I wish I could go back and do it all again’!

K (Parent)

Our daughter A. went to a nursery in 2016 and 2017 where she was under the care of Mamta and Marlene.

Throughout the two years we were very happy with Mamta and Marlene’s care for our daughter. We were impressed with the amount of experiences they brought in, which were fully reflected in their mature approach in caring for children with strong emphasis on both social emotional and academic aspects. They communicated with parents very well and in a timely manner. When A. first joined the nursery, she was a timid and shy child. During her two years with Mamta and Marlene, they managed to transform her into a confident and academically strong child. We highly appreciated their constant feedbacks on her and their useful tips on what we parents could do at home to tackle any areas of concerns our child was demonstrating at the time. Mamta and Marlene’s great work has laid a solid early year foundation for A., who is now a happy, energetic and kind person with many close friendships. She has also been consistently the top performer in her class.

Shame, a bit too far away for us, otherwise I would not give it a second thought but to send my son your way. :)

L (Parent)

We were very fortunate to have our son cared for by both Marlene and Mamta from the age of 3-5yrs. The learning support they provided was excellent and my son was very fond of them both. They were extremely committed and always gave our son lots of attention where due whilst keeping him grounded at the same time. Any family would be lucky to have them involved in the development and Early years of their child.

L S (Parent)

In the time I was at the nursery, Mamta taught me important lessons that would help me succeed in the world, she would teach me how to read by using a degree of different genres and difficulty books to better engage and gauge my ability and interests. During certain times and days, we would invest some time into science experiments the classic would be the exploding volcano with bicarbonate soda, watching this reaction and learning the fundamentals behind the reaction by using a fun and visually engaging way encouraged me to take a fascination with science and broaden my understanding and learning in and easy and entertaining way. Even though I struggled with more basic tasks Mamta allowed me to gain a surge of confidence with my abilities at such a young age. Her bright and caring nature allowed me to open up to her with relative ease and made it more effortless in the long run when it came to interacting and engaging in less enjoyable tasks.

Her engaging and bright voice allowed for her friendly nature to come forth as she would interact with me in a way that allowed me to express myself and also she did not demean me in any way if I did anything that was not desirable and allowed me to learn from mistakes and see myself progress further.

I enjoyed having her as my teacher throughout nursery as she taught me that patience and honesty are quality traits in anyone. Her congenial attitude allowed for a comforting environment that maximized productivity as well as creativity in the activities provided. My learning disabilities caused me to be a shy and slow learner, but Mamta allowed me to ease into the work and would help whenever it was required or asked.

J I-S (Former Student)

During my time at the nursery, Marlene helped me with learning coordination functions such as hand and eye coordination as well as the proper way to hold cutlery and cut with scissors. During art sessions she would encourage me to express my self-using a range of creative media and inspire me to use my excess energy in a more creative and arty sense allowing me to take my destructive energy and use it for a more creative outlet such as finger painting, collages and different types of media. She also encouraged me to learn about the unique outside world by going the extra mile on walks and allowing me to get to know the world better through experience. Even though I disliked math and struggled she continuously was patient and creative in her ways to get me to engage in the activity by using objects to visually see what I was doing and using my interests to further capture my interest to do menial tasks that I lacked interest in.

Her attitude was positive and kind but also firm she would be patient and engage with you in tasks and interactions. Whenever someone would be out of line, she would talk in a polite but firm voice to ensure that the person knew what they were doing was wrong and she was very good when it came to comforting and assisting both children and guardians.

I enjoyed being able to have her as a teacher as she was a hardworking and caring individual who made you feel welcomed and allowed you to grow in a caring environment while learning the fundamentals for going into primary school. Despite my autism her patience and willingness to adjust allowed for me to continue to grow and adapt and continue the child like wonder and enjoyment of nursery life.

J I-S (Former Student)

Mamta and Marlene have shown so much care, love, and attention to H. in the years of his care with them. They go above and beyond to care for the children in their care. He loved every day and in his words "they were really cool, especially the dancing"! He learned so much and they developed coping skills for his difficulties which have been a lifesaver. They nurtured and instilled his love of maths for which we are very grateful.

N (Parent)

I can thoroughly recommend both Mamta and Marlene! My son spent his
early years in their care and flourished. They provide children with a calm and
warm environment, whilst also being creative and enthusiastic so that the
children are always happy and engaged. If I were to do it all again, I would not
hesitate to send my children to them.

P (Parent)

My sister and I were at nursery and have the happiest fun filled memories from our years spent there under the care of Mamta and Marlene. We both feel they continuously supported us and encouraged us in our time there, helping us to develop our confidence – both with others and in ourselves. Even now at 16 and 14 years old, we still cherish the happy times spent with Marlene and Mamta as they guided us and helped us to develop independence and determination. One particular instance that I will always clearly remember is when, aged 4, I was nervous to get up and read a short poem in front all the children and parents at the Summer Assembly. With the gentle reassurance of Mamta and Marlene, I was able to stand up and perform my poem – I thoroughly enjoyed it, and still look back fondly on it to this day. We can wholeheartedly say some of our clearest and earliest memories are centred around the caring and comfortable environment created by Mamta and Marlene, and we can only thank them and say how truly happy and safe we felt with them both.

N and M (Former Students)

Our two daughters – now aged 16 and 14 – were fortunate to have both Mamta and Marlene as their key workers when they attended nursery. Our 16year old began nursery at age 13months, and our 14year old started at age 9months, and both remained there until they started school at age 4. Both our girls settled in immediately, largely thanks to the care and dedication of both Mamta and Marlene. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their time at nursery and frequently and fondly remember times spent with Mamta and Marlene, who helped prepare our children for school both academically and socially, in a positive, caring and nurturing way. Since leaving the nursery 12 years ago, we have frequently visited Mamta and Marlene - which is a testament to their kind hearted personalities and the fondness our daughters always held for them. My husband and I cannot recommend Mamta and Marlene more highly. They helped our girls grow in confidence, they supported their needs and encouraged their growth and development.

R and R (Parents)

Till now, we are still feeling so lucky to have met the exceptional teachers Marlene and Mamta in our two children’s early years education. We recall those moments when we were really touched by how much they wholeheartedly shared the joy and fulfilment of my kids’ growth and progress, every time when they proudly asked the children to show us the new skills they acquired at the nursery, from potty training to handling cutlery correctly, from music to science and from reading books to clocks. We always had full trust in them, way above and beyond those naive feeling that the kids “have to go to a childcare while we were at work”. We genuinely believed our young children were in safe hands, more importantly, full of love, care and willingness to devote. We couldn’t recommend them enough to our friends when they need to find childcare and hope any family with young child to be as happy as we are by working with them.

C and J (Parents)

Marlene and Mamta are amazing teachers. They can understand me and have so many fun events up their sleeves. They are true role models, who have the
patience and kindness to make any child like them. Growing with them was once-
in-a-lifetime experience- nursery never felt so fun!

R (Former Student)

Marlene and Mamta are very thoughtful teachers who put a lot of thought into how they present their activities.  Their lessons are very engaging and they were both very patient with my daughter who was in their class. They always encouraged her to keep trying.


Marlene encouraged my daughter to express her creativity during art work, and helped her to explore different ways of expressing herself to help build up her self confidence. Marlene is very skilled at keeping children engaged in their art work. 

Mamta enjoys teaching science activities, she makes sure that each science experiment is appropriate for each age group. She always provides instructions and guidance to help children explore and understand important concepts in science, including problem solving, and how to gather evidence to support ideas and discuss what they have seen.

I would highly recommend Marlene  and Mamta to anyone interested in their child’s care and education. 

S (Parent)

I would love to recommend both Mamta and Marlene for any form of childcare. They were both senior members of staff when my boys attended a local nursery between the years of 2009 – 2013. They both took their professional roles very seriously, they are highly qualified and always had the child’s individual development and best interest at heart when planning fun activities for the day. They took two shy boys that did not like being left by their mother and settled them in over time with love and patience. They helped the boys to grow in confidence and the boys still remember them when we drive past the nursery building. Mamta and Marlene always went beyond the call of duty putting the children’s needs first. I always felt more like we were family than clients. It goes without saying how much they care, as they never miss an opportunity to come over and chat to the boys when we bump into each other at local shops. Mamta and Marlene are trustworthy and reliable, and if I could have those early years over again, I would choose exactly the same people to care for my children.

Z W (Parent)

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