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Our Philosophy

Curious Girl

Our Philosphy

  • To encourage children to be intrepid explorers of nature.

  • To inspire children to take an interest in various cultures of the world.

  • To trigger the love of art and science. 

  • To give children a good start in life by nurturing their confidence.

  • To develop personal social and emotional skills through peer collaboration.

  • To support independence and build self-esteem through respecting each child’s interests.

  • To foster a love of learning through free choice.

  • To give children a good start and prepare them for life.

  • To ensure each and every child has fun and enjoyed their time with us.

  • To work closely with our parents for the holistic development of their child.

Children in Indoor Playground

Why Choose Us

  • Montessori practitioners with over forty years of experience in Early Years daycare.

  • Each child will have the opportunity to grow in a loving and caring environment with experienced Early Years practitioners. 

  • We have 28 years of experience in Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and will be able to develop targets for any child with special educational needs.

  • We translate our science expertise into child-centred child activities to help develop a love of science.

  • Each child will have the opportunity to expand communication and language through singing, drama and stories.

  • We promote creativity through art, role play and construction.

  • We encourage development of physical skills through nature walks, dancing and visits to play parks.

  • We encourage children to eat healthy food by providing well-balanced nutritious meals which children will help to prepare.

  • We aim to inspire confidence in maths and technology through enjoyable yet educational activities.

  • We help children feel emotionally secure by working in a calm, peaceful and familiar environment.

  • We promote respect for our surroundings and the work of other children. 

  • We encourage children to observe, analyse and learn from what they have experienced.   

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